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5 Reasons to choose 4R Office



1.   Reduce your costs


Looking to stretch budgets further? We guarantee we can find you savings ongoing.


Rationalise your supplier list. One order, one invoice for all your stationery, furniture, catering, cleaning supplies, workwear, packaging & office equipment.




2.   Make a difference


Want to make a positive impact on the environment without it costing you a penny?


We encourage use of eco & ethical products by supporting their prices even further.






3.   Support UK suppliers





Keep trade local : We believe in buying UK made products when possible. 



Viking, Staples, Office Depot & Lyreco are foreign owned so that's where their profits go.


Even if you don't buy from 4R please find a local stationer. 







4.   Change lives by changing supplier



4R donates 2% of turnover to Pump Aid who help communities in the poorest parts of Africa to build Elephant Pumps that provide clean water and Elephant Toilets that improve sanitationSwitching to 4R has a direct & measurable positive impact on health & quality of life.


Elephant Pumps provide a local water source which frees up the time normally spent collecting water allowing time for school, education & a way out of poverty


Elephant Toilets provide sanitation, privacy & dignity




5.   Advice & Fun


  • We help you make sense of the info overload in our Glossary


  • We aim to inform and entertain you with our range of eco videos 


We believe that it is possible to find a balance between protecting Profit, People & the Planet.


4R Environmental Policy