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Pump Aid



The benefits of clean water


In the UK access to clean water is something we take for granted. We've never known anything different. The complete opposite is true for many people around the world.


Pump Aid was founded to provide a sustainable water solution and better sanitation provisions for communities in need. 




  • Rural communities risk debilitating disease and death with every sip of water with 880 million people using and drinking water from unsafe sources.
  • Nearly half of the developing world’s population are lacking adequate sanitation
  • Just under two million people a year are killed by diarrhoeal infections alone, mostly vulnerable children, almost 4500 a day.
  • The World Health Authority estimates that 94% of these diarrhoeal cases are preventable through modifications to the rural environment, that increase access to clean water and improved sanitation.




  • Usually, it’s women and girls who are responsible for collecting water in pots and wash buckets from wells and scraped holes in the ground that are often dirty and unsafe
  • They walk, on average, six kilometres a day, carrying 20 litres of water at a time.
  • These journeys expose them to sexual violence and even animal attack.
  • An open well is dangerous for children and elderly people as they might slip and fall in.
  • Water can be easily contaminated with rubbish and animals falling in.


Education & Development


  • Cleaner water from sources closer to the community allows for more children to attend school.
  • Time spent collecting water is time not spent tending crops, not being educated, not looking after children. It is time wasted.
  • These communities are condemned to subsistence levels of agricultural production. Access to clean water provides more resource to farming therefore more produce and more income.


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